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We help companies manage & scale business processes with AI

Save time and make your processes work for you in hours not months!

What can we do for you?

Make your data useful

You have them but do you use the their potential? We will help you to map and integrate all data in your organization 
to make it useful in your everyday tasks.

Free your time

No one likes repetitive tasks. We will identify what can be done automatically and setup it for you. Now your team can take care of what really matters to your business.

See the hidden

Sometimes you have solutions in front of your eyes but you are not aware of it. We have tools and knowledge to help you optimize your business processes and make your business grow!

Is it for you?

Let's check!

We give you a free consultation where you can check if the solutions we offer is for you. During the meeting we also show you some useful tricks and tools that you can apply right away into your business.

What can be automated?

Here are some examples but there’s more!

    • check Social Media Posting: Use automation tools to schedule and publish social media posts across platforms, ensuring a consistent online presence and freeing up time for strategic planning.

    • check Email Marketing Campaigns: Automate the creation, scheduling, and tracking of email campaigns, allowing for personalized and targeted communication with leads and customers.

    • check Analytics and Reporting: Implement automation for data collection, analysis, and reporting on marketing performance metrics, providing insights for informed decision-making and campaign optimization.

    • check Lead Qualification: Use automation to assess and score leads, allowing sales teams to focus on high-potential prospects.

    • check Email Campaigns: Automate personalized email campaigns and follow-ups, ensuring timely and consistent communication with leads.

    • check Data Entry and Reporting: Streamline routine tasks by automating data entry and generating comprehensive sales reports for data-driven decision-making.

    • check Recruitment Process: Automate resume screening, applicant tracking, and initial communication to streamline the early stages of the hiring process.

    • check Onboarding Procedures: Use automation for paperwork, employee documentation, and orientation processes to enhance the efficiency of new employee onboarding.

    • check Time and Attendance Tracking: Automate timekeeping systems to manage employee attendance, leave requests, and payroll calculations, reducing manual workload and errors.

    • check Invoice Processing: Automate the receipt, validation, and approval of invoices, expediting the payment cycle and reducing manual data entry errors.

    • check Expense Management: Implement automation for expense report submission, approval workflows, and reimbursement, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in financial transactions.

    • check Financial Reporting: Use automation tools to generate regular financial reports, consolidating data from various sources for analysis and decision-making, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.

    • check Document Management: Automate file organization, version control, and document retrieval, improving collaboration and reducing time spent on manual administrative tasks.

    • check Event Planning: Use automation tools for event registration, communication, and logistics, streamlining the planning process and enhancing attendee experiences.

    • check Task Reminders and Notifications: Implement automation to send reminders, notifications, and alerts for deadlines, meetings, and important tasks, improving productivity and reducing the risk of oversights.

Trainings & workshop for you and your team

We share the knowledge and introduce your company into a new path with AI tools to laverage your business to the next level

Interested in a tailored training or course?

How do we work?


  • An overview of what is possible 
and what is not possible

  • An idea of cost levels 
for certain solutions

  • An idea of how much time 
could be saved in certain processes



  • Detailed information of costs 
for each process

  • Detailed estimations on time savings for each process

  • Proposed solutions according 
to your priorities

starting from $3 000


  • Implemented usable solution

  • User manual

  • Access control and your precious time back :)

starting from $3 000

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